Art Courses

Regular Art Programme

Pre-Junior Artists age 6 to 8 years old

Art Courses Singapore

Course Content
Experiential Scribble Drawings Skills & Techniques on Pencil Sketching
Acrylic Painting Acrylic Pouring Techniques
Hands-on Print Making Oil Pastel Still Life
Handy Craft Work Water Colour Painting
Clay Creation Dramatic Papier-mache
Programmes are personalised according to age and ability.
Medium Used
Colour pencils Acrylic
Water colour Charcoal
Mixed Medium Oil Pastels
Air Dry Clay Soft Pastels

Art School Singapore

Junior Artists age 9 to 12 years old Course Content
Up-Level your Scribble Drawings Marker and Acrylic Pop Art
Acrylic and Ink Abstracts Acrylic Pouring Techniques
Print Making Oil Pastel Still Life
Mixed Media Painting Acrylic Cubist-Inspired Still-Life
3D Clay Creation   3D Papier-mache
Programmes are personalised according to age and ability.
Medium Used
Colour pencils Acrylic
Water colour Charcoal
Mixed Medium Oil Pastels
Air Dry Clay / Baked Polymer Clay Soft Pastels
Ink and Makers
Learning at Artiste Studio
Learning at Artiste Studio

Art Jamming

Open to all age groups and all levels of professionals. You are most welcome to come forth on your own or bring along your kakis / BFF or even your family members to explore, experience and express thru painting an artwork or creating a medium-sized art piece. Most importantly, is to enjoy the special bonding moments together in a relax and tranquil environment. Fees include ALL art materials needed plus 1 complimentary light refreshment.

Art Jamming Singapore

Schedule Off Peak Weekdays-Monday to Wednesday and Friday (we are closed on Thursday), anytime between 10.00am to 7.00pm. Weekends- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, anytime between 1.00pm – 8.00pm.
Duration 3 hrs x 1 class
Age group Children 7 years old and above. Adults of all ages.
Fee Weekdays – 1 time class of 3 hours @$55 per pax. Weekends – 1 time class of 3 hours @$65 per pax (Any extend / extra hour/s @$10 per hour) Fees include ALL materials needed +1 complimentary light refreshment per pax. You will bring back a size 18″x 20″ / 20″x20″ canvas art piece.
Please take note: Canvas size 24” x 26” and above requires additional fee top up.

Suitable Art Courses In Singapore—Bring Your Child’s Artist Out

Improve your child’s creative processes to have clarity of thought. It is a key part of being an artist and creating that content that expresses themselves in front of audiences. Nimble Hands Art Craft Studio is an elite art school in Singapore, with fantastic and experienced teachers who make your child’s creativity a reality on canvas. In our courses, your child will be able to learn a variety of other art disciplines. Choose from Printmaking, Glass, and Ceramics, including porcelain and painting lessons or even combinations with all the units mentioned above on certain available days. Our workshops are designed for students to have fun whilst challenging them in equal measures. The objective is to produce a wonderful piece at the end of it all! Whether your child is an artist looking to expand knowledge or a hobbyist hoping to create something truly remarkable, let us be the place where your child’s artistic journey begins.

Art Classes Singapore—Energetic, Evocative, & Symbolic Art Learning

We act as a platform for anyone interested in art – from beginners who want to hone their skills to established professionals keen on cultural exchange and inspiration. Here at Nimble Hands Art Craft Studio, we are dedicated to helping young artists grow continuously through exposure and learning opportunities that will consistently push them further towards art courses and art school in Singapore. It’s possible! Of course, one amazing way to learn art is through courses and schools. This gives your child access to many incredible teachers and opportunities that you may not otherwise be able to find in a traditional  setting. We have art jamming classes conducted every day by tutors expressly hired for this purpose. The themes presented teach children techniques that they have never explored before and inspire them in new directions. The foundation part of art courses in Singapore is understanding techniques your child will use in your own creations and how to use them to produce great art.

Time, Supplies, Skills—Nimble Hands Art Craft Has Everything To Teach

We would talk about perspective drawing, how shading is done with pencils or paints, and many other basic things necessary for your child to create great works. Within three months, your child can develop confidence towards creating art pieces that express whatever it is that’s important. Our art jamming in Singapore provides a clear intention of creating art and all its benefits that are being reaped worldwide so that everyone can enjoy the tremendous benefit of art classes in Singapore. The most obvious place to start is with the children. Art courses in Singapore can provide a great place to learn about their artistic heritage. It also provides opportunities for your family to spend quality time together outside of school or work. Does not mean that you have to enroll your child in an expensive art program; our school is a dedicated art promoting and teaching place to help kids discover artistic talent. We help them open up a world of wonder and creativity at an early age through the mediums of music, art, and design, arts that stimulate the senses of mind and body. Art courses, art school, and art jamming in Singapore are forms of fine art instruction that teach students the basics of creating concepts that could be applied in any number of mediums.

Feel Excited & Surprised About Learning New Art Skills Today

Students learn about colour theory, design, composition and more while enhancing their creative skills and problem-solving abilities. Art is something that all can enjoy. It brings joy to people of all ages, from children and students to the elderly. The art jamming in Singapore classes is meant for primary school kids, who would like to enjoy art with friends and develop their basic drawing skills. We provide art training for children and adults, be it drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, etc. Choose a place for art lovers to create and inspire.

Bring Friends, Cousins, or Just Anyone for Art, Painting, & Drawing Experience

Join us for our art courses in Singapore, jamming classes and private lessons on various themes where your children will learn and paint together in a fun way. Our art schools in Singapore are much modernized with advanced methodologies to help the students learn their skills better. We provide fun and interactive art classes for kids and adults in drawing, painting and mixed media. Suppose you have children in Singapore and are interested in giving them an educational experience that focuses on the development of their creativity. In that case, art classes in Singapore could be a worthwhile investment.

How Can Art Help Children? Will it Help Their Development?

Art is an expression of creativity. It unites thoughts and emotions to communicate life’s experiences by giving them tangible form through paint, clay or other mediums on paper or canvas. It fulfils a desire to communicate through forms such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. The thing is, children today grow up in a world that is increasingly influenced by digital mediums. And this should not be feared at all. It should be embraced as a great opportunity for their education and development as individuals.

Teach Your Child How To Transform Visible World—Join Our School Today

Enrich the artistic skills of your children by learning from some of the most accomplished artists in Singapore with us! Choose an exciting crossover between a music concert and a painting class. Join our art jamming, it is a unique opportunity to inspire children and teens. Your kids get the opportunity to create their own artwork while interacting with professional artists. You are welcome to contact us! Let us know when your child can have his/her first lesson. 

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