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Planting Fun Art – Miniature Garden (Terrarium) Miniature gardens are made of trees and shrubs that are “dwarf” and “miniature.” “Dwarf” means the plant grows 1” to 6” per year. “Miniature” means the plant will grow less than 1” per year. The miniature plants are paired with small-leafed, slow-growing ground covers and are matched with similar light, water and placement requirements. The miniature garden plants are combined with in-scale accessories and patios to make real, living mini garden scenes that can grow and weave itself together for years in a container or in-ground with minimal care. When planted correctly, the plants and trees stay in scale with each other to create a sustainable, true garden in miniature. “Big things come in small packages.” It’s so true…especially when it comes to miniature gardening. It’s just like life-sized gardening – but on shrunken down to a tiny scale. Come join us and learn the step-by-step process of creating your very own miniature garden (open terrarium). The fee includes one container, plants, two miniature figurines, pebbles/stones and soil, and all other equipment/tools used during the workshops.

Sewing Art Craft Singapore

Sewing Art Craft – Sew a Softie Dollie Sewing is a wonderful way to exercise fine motor muscles that is necessary for writing and other forms of handwork. It helps to build self-confidence, enhance cognitive skills, learn to stay focus and be patient. The hands-on session requires you child to follow instructions, should your child miss a step, he/she shall have to unpick and re-do the sewing again. During the workshop, your child will be guided step by step on the sewing, materials like felt cloth, plastic needle, thread and poly fills will be provided. Your child will get to bring back his/her own handmade pet (8”-10” size).
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Art Workshop Singapore

Creative Clayation   Using air-dry clay, create a round slab base using stencils. Then create a cylindrical form (vase) using coiling method, smoothening coils gradually to create a smooth outer surface. Design your own vases, paint and leave to dry. Fees include air-dry clay, 1 set of basic ceramic tools, acrylic paints, palette, paint brushes, water containers and pre-prepared reference pictures. You can claya a flowering pot, gift box or claya jewellery pieces, there is no limit to your creativity. Do-it-Yourself Workshop – Draw & Paint on Tote Bag + pencil case / sling bag Do-it-yourself, create and design your hand-painted tote bag + pencil case / sling bag. Paintings on practical items are perfect gift for yourself and loved ones. Our Basic Kit Contents: –
  • 1 Plain Beige Tote Bag,
  • Fabric Paint,
  • Paint brushes,
  • Mini palette,
  • Pencil,
  • Piece of carbon paper,
  • Any other usage of tools and equipment,
  • Instructions and guidance will be given thru-out the workshop.
Acrylic Pour Painting Understand the relationship between colours, learn different pouring techniques, and enjoy the excitement in creating your own master piece. This workshop is designed with the objectives of our 3E’s – Explore, Experiment & Experience, and the concept of Learning thru ART, come forward to experience the fun and excitement to get to bring back your own master piece.

Are You Curious About Art Workshop In Singapore?

people see the art world as a mysterious place out of reach. Still, art & craft workshops or sew-a-softie-dollie workshop in Singapore can help make any budding artist feel right at home! Our classes are designed for children to practice a new hobby in no time. Most projects take only an hour or two, if you are looking for something a little more hands-on than your typical painting class, then our workshops may prove perfect for you and your children. One of the unique experiences and art lessons you can participate in is workshops; our classes include multi-media skills and techniques. Our art & craft workshops are not just about arts and craft but art and designing. We offer personalized service to help children to decorate different items. We are flexible to serve our customers’ classes at their convenience. If you’re going to sign up for our workshops, please email us. We also provide the appropriate room based on your child’s needs. Our experienced teachers will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the entire workshops.

How Long Has It Been Since You Are Looking for Art & Craft Classes?

You are welcome to join Nimble Hands Art Craft’s art workshop in Singapore. We specialize in Art Painting classes, Sew-A-Softie-Dollie Workshops and Build your own Miniature Garden Landscaping Workshops. You will have fun with our hands-on projects for children. Our art and craft workshops are very popular, but there is a growing number of sewing learning children. For instance, mother and daughter visits are less frequent because they cannot find one that fits the interest or hesitate to spend on expensive art materials and workshop fees. Our rates are affordable, and class timings are convenient. Want to spend a day on the side-lines, leaving your kids to learn how to draw and sew? As we constantly say, this is one of the most exciting moments ever. Let us introduce our art & craft workshops in Singapore, where we teach kids. Our art workshops for kids include Paper Art, Mosaics, Sew-A-Softie-Dollie Workshop, and Build your own Miniature Garden Landscaping Workshops. They can participate in their selected craftwork or watch others crafting happily. It gives your child a chance to bond over the materials so that everyone can learn in the end with fun and excitement!

Do You Need Art & Sew Classes for Your Children?

Use a range of natural products to add colour and texture to some pretty exciting projects, and these make for beneficial presents too. If you are interested in how to sew a softie dollie in 3 hours, contact us. We design experiences that inspire creativity by providing fun and practical workshops, including painting workshops and sewing art craft in Singapore. Our courses are designed to help children discover their creative side through a variety of hands-on projects. Let us help you get rid of your busy children’s life and help you relax with our amazing art workshops. As the saying goes, you can see a master artist in his/her work. Like music or sports, art provides self-enrichment and recreational activities. Such art and craft workshops show an appreciation for arts and crafts of different forms in children.

Is Not It Time For A Reliable & Suitable Teacher To Help Your Creative Child?

Nimble Hands Art Craft Studio is here to help art lovers in Singapore to join art classes. Our art and craft workshops are fun, once you get the hang of it. And if you work with friends and colleagues, the experience becomes even better. Enrol in affordable art classes, fine arts workshops, and crafting activities for kids. Come to learn new skills with us and discover a fun side of your child. Learn how to do painting at your own pace. Also, learn about fabrics, dyes, decorative threads, and art painting classes. We are very excited to be hosting a series of art workshops for children. These classes will cover various techniques and materials, including sewing, painting made from popular craft materials like felting, fibre arts, and more. We have fancy and fun workshops that your child will not want to miss. In these art classes, you can help your child unleash their inner Picasso & help them to create beautiful art, printmaking, and silkscreen at our painting workshop. There is a wide variety of art craft workshops where your child can take part in and learn something new. We would like to share some latest art & craft workshops in Singapore that are worth taking part in. So please scroll down and find more about them!

What Would You Say If We Offered Affordable Yet Unique Art Workshops?

Want to join the fun? We provide art classes in Singapore. Whether it is a pottery class for kids or painting club you want, we will help your child get started an artistic journey today! Learn art skills from our qualified teachers; your child will quickly make beautiful things. Art is like clothing to our soul, and creativity is the language of art. With creative imagination, create so many different things which can be used in daily life. Let your children paint the world through their eyes.   It is not just about making things that look good; it is also about giving them meaning. In a world where most products are provided ready-made by someone else for the purposes that other people have decided for you and often at prices that exclude you. Our art and craft workshops provide personal exposure to the arts for children. View our art and craft information about upcoming art workshops and sewing art craft in Singapore. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Let Your Child Learn About Brushwork, Dominated Colours, Themes, & Sewing

Art has proven to be an avenue in which creativity and self-expression through the use of different material or sources allow individuals to demonstrate their skills or lack thereof. The workshops give a vision that art can really contribute in many ways like time pass, spreading some happiness, and designing your own plans. For example, a child painting a dream house or painting their favourite pet on canvas and more. We would like to invite your children to the wonderful moments at our art workshops. During the painting workshop, your child can also personalize paintings in many colours and sizes so that you can take home a unique piece of art from different workshops. 

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