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Planting Fun Art – Miniature Garden (Terrarium) Miniature gardens are made of trees and shrubs that are “dwarf” and “miniature.” “Dwarf” means the plant grows 1” to 6” per year. “Miniature” means the plant will grow less than 1” per year. The miniature plants are paired with small-leafed, slow-growing ground covers and are matched with similar light, water and placement requirements. The miniature garden plants are combined with in-scale accessories and patios to make real, living mini garden scenes that can grow and weave itself together for years in a container or in-ground with minimal care. When planted correctly, the plants and trees stay in scale with each other to create a sustainable, true garden in miniature. “Big things come in small packages.” It’s so true…especially when it comes to miniature gardening. It’s just like life-sized gardening – but on shrunken down to a tiny scale. Come join us and learn the step-by-step process of creating your very own miniature garden (open terrarium). The fee includes one container, plants, two miniature figurines, pebbles/stones and soil, and all other equipment/tools used during the workshops.

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Sewing Art Craft – Sew a Softie Dollie Sewing is a wonderful way to exercise fine motor muscles that is necessary for writing and other forms of handwork. It helps to build self-confidence, enhance cognitive skills, learn to stay focus and be patient. The hands-on session requires you child to follow instructions, should your child miss a step, he/she shall have to unpick and re-do the sewing again. During the workshop, your child will be guided step by step on the sewing, materials like felt cloth, plastic needle, thread and poly fills will be provided. Your child will get to bring back his/her own handmade pet (8”-10” size).
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Creative Clayation   Using air-dry clay, create a round slab base using stencils. Then create a cylindrical form (vase) using coiling method, smoothening coils gradually to create a smooth outer surface. Design your own vases, paint and leave to dry. Fees include air-dry clay, 1 set of basic ceramic tools, acrylic paints, palette, paint brushes, water containers and pre-prepared reference pictures. You can claya a flowering pot, gift box or claya jewellery pieces, there is no limit to your creativity. Do-it-Yourself Workshop – Draw & Paint on Tote Bag + pencil case / sling bag Do-it-yourself, create and design your hand-painted tote bag + pencil case / sling bag. Paintings on practical items are perfect gift for yourself and loved ones. Our Basic Kit Contents: –
  • 1 Plain Beige Tote Bag,
  • Fabric Paint,
  • Paint brushes,
  • Mini palette,
  • Pencil,
  • Piece of carbon paper,
  • Any other usage of tools and equipment,
  • Instructions and guidance will be given thru-out the workshop.
Acrylic Pour Painting Understand the relationship between colours, learn different pouring techniques, and enjoy the excitement in creating your own master piece. This workshop is designed with the objectives of our 3E’s – Explore, Experiment & Experience, and the concept of Learning thru ART, come forward to experience the fun and excitement to get to bring back your own master piece.

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